How to Buy

Buying in Florist Peru is very easy. Follow this easy guide, step by step. If you need help or have any questions you can always call our phone numbers in Peru +511-2258349 o +511-2250869 or enter our chat service.

Step 1:

 Enter a category, the list of categories is at the left of our web site. The images also link to some of the categories.

Click on the scroll bar at the left botom to check more categories.


Step 2:

Select a product by clicking on the "More details", that is below each product.

 Step 3:

 If you wish you can also add chocolates, teddy bears, etc. You can also upgrade some products to add more flowers and change the color of roses. Then Click on "Buy now".




Step 4:

You then must enter our Shopping Basket. Go to Basket, Checkout or My Cart.



 Step 5:

Basket: Here you can change the quantities of each item or delete an item if you changed your mind.

After adding all the products you wish to send, click on "Go to checkout" , when you are ready to continue.




Step 6:

Select a peruvian city by clicking on "Select State".


 Step 7:

Select the delivery city and Distict if your order goes to Lima, if your order goes to other city, just select it. There is a delivery charge that depends on the delivery area all prices include taxes.  If you need help selecting the district of you're not sure, please contact us.

Step 8:

 Select a payment method we only accept credit cards  Our system doesn't accept debit cards. You can also do payments by Western Union or Moneygram. Then click on the check box to accept the terms and conditions of our service. Then click on "Secure check out"  to complete your order.


Step 9:

You will then enter a secure ordering form https// powered by Santu. Here you will enter all required information. Billing data at left. And Delivery data to the right. Please fill all the info. Make sure the check box "Deliver to a different address" is marked so all the delivery information will be shown for you to enter. Please enter all the delivery information and any other information that would help us complete the delivery, like references of how to get to the address, if available


Step 10 -

After entering all the required information. You will need to enter your credit card info. Remember we only accept credit card. We do not accept debit cards. Below you will check all the entered data. You can do a final Edit if needed. Finally click on "Buy Now"



Step 11:

You will see the message shown below. A copy of your order will be sent to your e-mail. We will then process your order. In case we have any issues with your order, we will send you and e-mail or call your phone numbers.