Christmas Holiday basket

Add Chocolates and Sweets: Peccanroll Chocolate 100g Add Chocolates and Sweets: Toffees La Iberica Add Chocolates and Sweets: Chocolate Truffles Add Chocolates and Sweets: Alfajores Tinkay Add Chocolates and Sweets: Tejas Helena x 6 Add Chocolates: Ferrero Rocher Bombons Add Chocolates and Sweets: Bombons Helena 210g Add Chocolates and Sweets: La Iberica Bombons 200g Add Wine and Liquors: Champagne Primado Queirolo Add Liquors: Red Wine Tabernero Malbec Add Liquors: Champagne Primadona Queirolo Add Liquors: Tabernero Cabernet Sauvignon Add Liquors: French Red Wine J.P Chenet Add Liquors: Black Tower White Wine - Germany Add Liquors: Asti Riccadonna - Italy Add Liquors: Red Wine Navarro Correas Add Liquors: Baileys Irish Cream Add Liquors: Johnnie Walker Black Label Add Liquors: Chivas Regal Whisky
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  • Contains:
  • Fruit Cake Motta,
  • Champagne Queirolo,
  • Danish cookies,
  • pringles,
  • chocolate pecanroll,
  • Bombons La Iberica 200g,
  • pack nuts cocktail,
  • cup chocolate bar,
  • basket or christmas tray